The Programmes Department conducts its activities through the Rights Based Advocacy Programme (RBA). The switch from service delivery in 1987 to people - centred - advocacy took place in the year 2000. The Rights Based Advocacy Strategic Plan is in its twelfth year of implementation. The current Rights Based Advocacy Programme (RBA IV) ends on December 31st 2012. The Right Based Advocacy Programme (RBA) is guided by Five Key Change Areas which include:

  • Improving Access of the Poor to Essential Services
  • Ensuring Improved Transparency, Accountability and Equity in the Governance of Natural Resources in Ghana and West Africa;
  • Ensuring Improved Transparency Accountability, Responsiveness and Equity in the Management of Natural Resources Revenues at the Sub-National Level to Avoid the Localised Resource-Curse;
  • Ensuring Improved Accountability of the Executive to the Legislature in the Management of the National Economy through Enhancing the Capacity of the Legislature to Exercise their Oversight Functions;
  • Ensuring Improved Capacity of ISODEC to Facilitate and Manage these Interventions.

It is worth mentioning that the Programmes Department is supported by three units under three thematic areas which include:

  • Essential Services Unit
  • Economic Justice and
  • Institute for Fiscal Policy (IFP)
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