Date: May 24, 2010, 4:02 pm



The mud spillage in December 2009 by Kosmos Energy against Ghanaian and international regulations, including a violation of section 92 of the Fisheries Act (625) 2002 is a prelude to the possible dangers that the oil and gas industry poses to the future Ghana.

According to the National Platform of Civil Society in Oil and Gas in a press statement, this has occurred against the background of the unfortunate delay by government to present a draft Petroleum Regulatory Authority Bill to the public for debate to allow Ghanaians to scrutinize the regulatory regime that would be applied to upstream operations.

This is very disturbing, they said, considering the fact that this is about the 6th time Kosmos Energy is spilling low toxicity oil-based mud into the Jubilee Field.  This time round, the spillage was about 600 barrels of low toxicity oil-based mud into Ghanaian waters, which is contrary to environmental regulations. 

If Ghanaians remember, just recently, the Platform stated, there has been a devastating massive oil spillage by British Petroleum, whose effects are still being felt along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the United States.   

According to the Platform, even though Ghana has some existing regulations and institutions governing petroleum exploration and production, including PNDC 84 the spillages by Kosmos shows the inability of regulatory institutions to anticipate and prevent such spills. 

 They therefore have called on government to, as a matter of urgency, publish the draft Petroleum Regulatory Authority Bill for public debate and among others, scrutinize the spill mitigation and field development plans of all petroleum operators. 

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