Date: April 15, 2010, 2:48 pm


The Member of Parliament for Jomoro constituency in the Western Region, Ms. Samia Nkrumah has called on the executive to ensure that the laws for the oil and gas industry should be put in place before agreements with oil and gas companies are ratified by Parliament. 

According to her, two agreements between government and the oil and gas companies have been ratified without attendant oil and gas laws and regulations which have not been put in place.  Meanwhile, these agreements are to make sure production in the last quarter of the year would begin as scheduled.

She noted that Parliament also lacked the proper advice from technical and legal experts, especially in the oil and gas issues and asked government to give them more time to enable them study such agreements before passing them.

Speaking at a civil society consultation with fishermen, civil societies and the public and civil servants at Takoradi, Western Region on local content issues in oil and gas, Ms. Nkrumah added that Parliamentarians believed that the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation could not be a player and a referee at the same time.   She stressed that there was the need to review the role of the GNPC. 

She also called on government to link infrastructural development to job creation and not to temporary jobs like construction activities in the road or railway sectors.

Participants at the consultation forum wondered whether the views of the various road shows of the Ministries of Energy and Finance have informed the contents of the draft local content policy.  They also raised the issue about the role of the labour office and recruitment.  They have therefore called on government to equip the labour office and build their capacity so they can support Ghanaians in the issues of employment in an oil and gas regime.

The two- day consultations with the CSOs, the fishermen and the public and civil servants among others was organized by ISODEC and Friends of the Nation, Takoradi.  

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