Date: April 9, 2010, 9:37 am


The Regional Coordinating Council, RCC of the Western Region believes that the mismanagement of the oil industry in the Western Region will induce industrial actions and demonstrations due to restrictions and other forms of disgruntlement from groups like the fishermen, the communities and salaries.

In view of this, there was the need to strategically position the Regional Coordinating Council to take full advantage of the benefits of the oil and gas industry.

According to Mahama A. Abu, the Assistant Regional Economic Planning Officer of the Western Region at a civil society consultation on local content issues arising out of the oil and gas industry in Takoradi, Western region, some of the problems arising out of the oil and gas industry in the region and its communities include upsurge in armed robbery, increased security issues, increased child and human trafficking issues and so on.

Mr. Abu urged government to maximize the value of Oil and Gas (O&G) discoveries to the regional economy in particular and the national in general.  This according to him involved facilitating the involvement of domestic companies in direct and indirect economic activities related to the industry. 

Since it was in the interest of the RCC to facilitate and promote these activities, he added, the RCC was calling on the invaluable support of Civil Society Organizations, the Private Sector and Development Partners to support them in this venture.

The CSO oil and gas consultations in the Western Region is a parallel activity alongside the ministries of Energy and Finance and Economic Planning’s activities on oil and gas public consultations on local content and revenue management .   The consultation was organised by the Integrated Social Development Center, ISODEC and its partners including Friends of the Nation, and KITE

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