Date: April 1, 2009, 8:41 pm


GHANA SCORES 49% IN OPEN BUDGET INDEX SURVEY At a launch of the Open Budget Index survey for 2008, the Center for Budget and Advocacy of the Integrated Social Development Center, (ISODEC), has called on government to improve access to key budget documents thereby making it more open and transparent.

 The Government's inability to achieve this caused it to be awarded an overall score of 49%. In addition, the CBA have also called for the Supreme Audit Institution of Ghana to have a sufficient budget to fulfill its supervisory mandate. The Open Budget Index survey, a collaboration between the International Budget Partnership and civil society world over, seeks to find out in about 85 countries how transparent and readily accessible and available information pertaining to the budget is in the public domain. OBI evaluates the quantity and type of information that governments make available to their publics in the seven key budget documents that should be issued during the budget year. The most important of these documents is the executive budget proposal. Among seventeen countries in West Africa, Ghana's budget proposal provides substantial information to the public, meaning citizens have a fairly comprehensive picture of the government's plans for taxing and spending. But only four documents on the budget in Ghana are readily accessible. This has resulted in Ghana's score of 49% in the 2008 OBI Report.

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