Date: April 1, 2009, 8:23 pm


This statement by the Aqua Vitens Rand Limited is in reaction to a press statement made at a press conference by the Essential Services Platform ... please read on A fact sheet on the five year management contract between Aqua Vitens Rand Limited and the Ghana Water Company Limited says it is not the policy of AVRL to participate in privatization of water.

 It said the two entities that own AVRL, Vitens from Holland and Rand Water from south Africa were both public sector entities and would not be interested in privatization of Ghana's water sector should the government even decide on that. The AVRL contract is not a privatization and it is not AVRL corporate or social policy to participate in privatization to undertake financial investments, the fact sheet said. In spite of what the contract said, and the several efforts ton the part of the AVRL to explain that the contact only mandated them to manage the urban water system to restore the financial stability of the water sector and to assist GWCL to increase access to piped water, several critics till date continue to insist that AVRL's involvement in the water sector still constitute privatization.

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