Date: April 1, 2009, 8:17 pm


In a statement from the Essential Services Platform, it has come to light that the Aqua Vitens Rand Limited, the private company managing Ghana's water, has not only mismanaged the water system, they are also importing used water meters into the country. It may be recalled that as part of their management contract, the company was supposed to provide 40,000 new water meters for domestic use. These meters are supposed to reduce the spate of non revenue water. However, the company has gone in for 5,417 used domestic water meters from Holland. These meters which are supposed to be for use in Holland are, according to the AVRL October 2008 monthly report, being refurbished and recaliberated. In 2008, many residents of La and Teshie reported of dirty water with offensive smells flowing out of their pipes. It has come to light that this was a result of maintaining old pipe lines by the AVRL. Delay by the AVRL in replacing these old pipes is the major source of contamination. Many of these pipelines are broken down and have to be replaced. Making these demands at a press conference by the Essential Services Platform, Mr. Patrick Apoya, the Executive director of CONIWAS, the Platform was worried about the unwholesome water used in the communities and called on the government to act fast to provide these social amenities to the citizens of Ghana. According to the Platform, the state in which the AVRL met the Ghana Water Company is the state in which they are at present. They therefore called for the abrogation of the Contract between Ghana Government and the Company and asked Government to inject capital into the GWCL so it could perform better. He also reminded the Atta Mills Government of statements they had made to the effect that they did not believe in the provision of water by the private sector. These sentiments were reechoed by Hannah Tetteh Kpodah during the open Forum by the Essential Services Platform during the campaign period.

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