Date: December 23, 2015, 8:25 am




The Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) has distributed 16 motor bikes to nine other Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to facilitate the movement of officials working on activities under the Ghana\'s Strengthening Accountability Mechanism (GSAM) project.

ISODEC is part of a three-partner consortium prosecuting the GSAM project. The other two are Care International Ghana, the lead partner, and IBIS Ghana.

The beneficiary CSOs are CODESULT, Western Region, 3 bikes; Centre for Local Governance Advocacy, Eastern Region, 2; United Civil Society Organisation for Development, Western Region, 2; Hope for the Future Generation, Central Region, 2; and Progressive Excellence Youth Organisation, Central Region, 2.

Others are Afram Plains Development Organsation, Eastern Region, 2; Youth Empowerment, Eastern Region, 1; Hope Institute, Eastern Region, 1 and Support for Community Mobilisation Projects/Programmes, Western Region, 1.

The GSAM project is a five-year USAID funded project which focuses on strengthening citizens\' oversight of capital development projects to improve local government transparency, accountability and performance in 100 districts of Ghana.

It is designed to strengthen social accountability by improving information to CSOs to enhance their capacity to demand accountability.

It has three main objectives: increased availability of accessible information on MMDAs\' capital development project performance in 100 districts; strengthened CSOs and citizens\' capacity to monitor MMDAs\' capital development projects in 50 districts; and increased use of citizen-generated information on MMDA capital projects in 50 districts.      


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