About Us
The Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) is an indigenous non-governmental organization committed to the promotion of human rights (especially social and economic rights) and social justice for all, especially those suffering marginalisation, injustice and powerlessness.

ISODEC, formed in 1987, has a long history of support to grassroots groups in Ghana. From a peri-urban health and sanitation, basic education base, it grew into a formidable force in rural water and sanitation delivery. ISODEC also provides services in the areas of Girl Child Education, Family Reproductive Health and national budget analysis. ISODEC works in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner linking the grassroots to the national and global to effectively implement its programme.

In 2000 ISODEC took a strategic decision to combine service delivery with policy and people centered advocacy. Hence, a research and advocacy programme was initiated aimed at promoting national development alternatives principally in Ghana and, to some extent, in the West Africa sub-region. This programme, sought to: review the neoliberal policy measures promoted largely by the international donor community and it impact on the poor; promote accountability by the state to its citizens; instill civil activism through rights awareness creation, rights promotion and defence and economic literacy; and promote social equity through the responsible use of public resources.

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